Interview with Rainer Mohler

Founder of Swissmovie

I manage the company, find new clients and advise on the most appropriate solutions.

I founded the company in December 1998, but I started being interested in audiovisual at a very young age... when I bought my very first Super8 camera at 14 years old.

I have a technical background, which was supplemented by training in photography and by obtaining the federal certificates of Advertising Technician and Marketing Technician (now Communication Specialist and Marketing Specialist). At the present time, I am also a lecturer At SAWI and Créa for the "Audiovisual Communication" section in preparation for the federal diploma as a Communication Specialist. For the past 20 years, I have been an expert in the federal diploma exams for the audiovisual production section.

Audiovisual is much more than a job, it is a passion! Swissmovie is a dream that has become reality. It allows me to evolve with a team composed of passionate, motivated and especially very interesting specialists.

The chance to have a modern infrastructure (building, film set, sound studio, and top of the line equipment). The opportunity to work in a constantly evolving field, with a permanent innovation in terms of strategy in the use of means and the way to conceive them.

I have many "best" memories... It could be my first Select Jazz 35mm advertising film made in 1989 and broadcast nationally, the official opening of our studio in 2012 or perhaps the various meetings with personalties coming from different fields of specialization, including sport, culture, economics or politics.

I can easily put myself in my clients' shoes and manage with relative ease to synthesize their needs, to advise them and to deliver a film that will meet their expectations and often well beyond.

Flexible. Efficient. Friendly.

Interview with Brice Boch

Sound Designer

I hold the position of Senior Editor along with Sound Designer.
I started working for Swissmovie at the end of 2007, I let you do the math.
After the obtention of a literary baccalaureate with cinema as an option, I attended the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Dijon for one year. I then took the competitive exams of several films schools. I landed in Belgium for 4 years of training at the IAD. Finally, I arrived in Lausanne for what was supposed to be a one-year interlude.
Swissmovie is a human-size and friendly company. I like the atmosphere there.
I have always been passionate about moving images. The history of cinema fascinates me. I can say that I know a lot about it.

Interview with José Campos

2D & 3D Animation

My position is a little more varied and flexible. I take care of video shooting, photos and editing along with all the necessary work upstream. My specialty, the 2D and 3D graphic animation. In short, everything that moves!

I just celebrated my 10th year in the company in August 2020.

I have a degree in communication specialized in multimedia that I obtained from University of Braga in Portugal.

I sent my application almost everywhere. Rainer reached out and wanted to meet me personally. I was very attracted by their logo, their website and by the company's name. In the first place I was hired for a 6 month internship, which turned into a full time position for 10 years. I stayed for the energy and the human contact. A wonderful collaboration since 10 years.
What I like about Swissmovie is the variety of works, the personal achievements, the opportunities to meet people and the contacts. I feel totally free to express my creativity without limits. I also like the family atmosphere which defines its workplace culture.
A wonderful project! I had the chance to travel the world with one of our clients to film testimonials in Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Mexico City and Canada. This is for me the most beautiful memory.

I add my personal touch when I create the graphic animation, compositing and visual animation. In short, I am the one to refer to for the animation.

Flexibility. Proximity. Quality.

Interview with Stefan Schradin


I am both a cameraman and a photographer. Being German, I am also the project manager for our German-speaking clients.
I have been working for Swissmovie since 2016.
I have a degree in industrial engineering and a German certificate as a TV cameraman.
I worked as an engineer in power technology and technical marketing in Germany before starting an internship as a cameraman and editor at a private TV station in 1999. After obtaining a master's degree in documentary film in Münster, I joined Bayerisches Fernsehen/ARD in 1999 at the Studio in Würzburg, where I had the opportunity to work as a sound engineer, video journalist and cameraman until the end of 2014. In parallel, I worked on my own film and photography projects.

I find our differences within the team exciting, interesting and rewarding.
Different backgrounds, different film experiences, different ages, different nationalities give rise to different ideas and visions for different projects.

Flashback - Working for an international client from Lausanne, Swissmovie brought me back to my former hometown Würzburg in Germany, where the shooting took place at the company's headquarters.

My fifteen years of experience in television in the areas of news, reporting and feature film production allows me to work professionally and flexibly on a wide variety of film projects. My industry and journalistic experience in communicating and developing projects with our clients helps me tremendously.
I contribute to the team in my own way with the "Deutsche Präzision und Qualität"😉
Creativity. Competence. Conviviality.

Interview with Nicole Schmutz

Accounting & Administration

I am responsible for all the invoicing and accounting management. Moreover, I also take care of the reception of our customers as well as all the administrative tasks related to this position.

I have been working for Swissmovie since 2015.

I was trained in a completely different field. My interests are focused on human health, in mutual support. I am particularly fond of anything related to tarology and natural medicine.

I find it nice, there is a relaxed atmosphere along with pleasant premises. A lovely ambience!
It is difficult to name one "best memory"... Swissmovie allows me to discover what lies behind the veil of the advertising production. But if I had to choose a specific memory, it would be to attend the setting up of sets in the Swissmovie studio. Indeed, it is always impressing to see what goes on behind the scenes!
My personal touch is to be very precise and to manage the accounting with meticulous attention.

Kindness. Adaptability. Honesty.

Interview with Filipe Gouveia

Media Designer Apprentice

I am currently training as an Interactive Media Designer apprentice.
I have been working for Swissmovie for 3 years.

I have a technical training.

Following my application, Rainer quickly reached out and was the first to show a great interest. After this initial contact, I became interested in the company and their work. The company's premises, its dynamism and their achievements immediately appealed to me and encouraged me to undertake my training at Swissmovie.

I particularly enjoy shooting films.

I had the opportunity to meet Marc Hollogne (Belgian writer-director) during a shooting in our premises. We meet a lot of nice people there, especially during a shooting for the 30th anniversary of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne for example!

Precision along with rigor.

Interview with Mikael Zwahlen

Project management

I am fortunate to have an extremely varied job ranging from project management and planning shooting to directing, editing and filming.
I started 3 months ago. I was lucky but also determined to find this position in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Film Directing after three years of film studies in Switzerland, including 6 months in New York. I then moved to Berlin to study sound engineering, music production and the music industry business where I obtained a DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in Sound Engineering and Music Production.

What I liked about Swissmovie when I applied was its modernity and the variety of productions. From my perspective, Swissmovie is a cutting-edge company that never stops progressing. I therefore felt that I could participate in this expansion with my personal touch and that my abilities will be used to shape the future of the company.
I believe that my experience in the film industry can add a "cinematographic" touch to the production and bring an additional vision and creative angle to the company. Having studied music and being a musician, I can also produce music content for our clients.
Modern. Progressive. Friendly.